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    We're Doubling Down on Entrepreneurs & Creators

    March 24, 2023 2 min read

    We're Doubling Down on Entrepreneurs & Creators

    High performers → Working from home → Entrepreneurs & creators.

    Wanna know how we built our niche? This is a behind the scenes look at how Go Candles is evolving.

    One of the first things you learn when starting a brand is to focus on the “who” - the person you want to serve. Second - and only second - is the product.

    To be honest, we didn’t follow this plan when we started. We started like so many others - on the product. We spent 6 months working together with a professional aromatherapist and candle expert to design the perfect candles from scratch - 100% natural, powered by essential oils, sustainable ingredients, and most importantly smell amazing!

    After 6 months and testing over 30 candle formulas and scents, we had created incredible candles and were ready to go. But then we thought about our “who” - and after a lot of discussion and thinking, we decided on high performers. This is an area I’ve personally loved for years - how to maximize my performance in work and life every day and be in my optimal state. I love tools and products that help me to do that, and adding candles was a natural product that I loved using and enjoyed. 

    Since we opened our pre launch a few months ago, we’ve focused on high performers working from home - people who want to get their best work done and be leaders in their fields. Over the past few months, we’ve spoken to dozens of our first customers and followers and realized that our niche is actually more specific - entrepreneurs and creators, who have been the most excited and active about our brand. It's fast growing with millions of new entrepreneurs and creators in the US alone. Moreover, entrepreneurs and creators often work alone or at home - and need tools to help them get their best work done, focus better, and feel great. And that's part of our vision - to build the best products to help entrepreneurs and creators succeed. 

    Of course, anyone can use, love, and benefit from our candles. But as a startup, we’re going into our niche to really serve this specific community - of which we’re a part of! - and provide more and more value though our products and content.

    We’ll continue to evolve as we grow to create the best products and value for our community.

    Thanks for reading this far and being part of our journey. Follow us to get more updates, join our VIP launch, and we’d love to hear your feedback!