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    Natural. Powerful. Transparent. What makes our candles different

    July 04, 2021 3 min read

    Natural. Powerful. Transparent. What makes our candles different

    Scent ispowerful,evocative... It is entwined in our everyday lives. Our sense of smell is intrinsically linked to our mood, energy levels, wellbeing and so much more. However, we live in a world full of synthetic fragrances and people are increasingly aware of the importance of knowing what they are being exposed to. The world of candles is no exception - more and more candles are in the market today yet most of them are based on artificial ingredients. 

    Go Candles was formed out of our passion for performance, commitment to health, and the love we had for scented candles. We asked ourselves - could we create a functional, yet healthy and beneficial scented candle made from only natural ingredients? Can we provide full transparency on our ingredients and values to recreate the impact and power of candles as they were meant to be? Could a genuine aromatherapy candle actually help our mental and emotional state? 

    The answer - after a year of research and testing together with aromatherapists - was a resounding yes. That YES became our brand.We set out on a journey to create the solution to underperforming, unhealthy and unnatural scented candles and what we created has delighted even the most ardent skeptics. 

    The power of our candles lies within the essential oils they are made with. We decided from the outset that it was vitally important to create our candles with the guidance of an expert aromatherapist to ensure we could achieve the maximum effectiveness as well as excellent scent throw using the natural essential oils. Creating real aromatherapy candles with essential oils is no simple task, which is why many other candle companies have preferred to use fragrance oils or rebrand existing scents. But for us, compromising our values was never an option. We are committed to maximizing the potential health benefits candles can offer to wellbeing through knowledgeable blending and expert selection. Most importantly to create functional candles which impart incredible natural aromas.

    Imagine the power of exquisite natural aromas from pure essential oils, known for centuries to hold various therapeutic uses. Then picture these essential oils, combined with premium natural fragrance oils, expertly formulated by an aromatherapist and blended into natural waxes to form uniquely scented aromatherapy candles. Candles that can offer the user so much more than scent alone. This is in stark contrast to most other candle companies with purely synthetic fragrances. In fact, a recent study found that nearly 35% of US adults have negative health effects from synthetic fragrances. 

    Our first line of candles has the intention to help optimize a certain area of your life - from the moment you rise until you sleep! While enjoying every moment through delightful aromas.  

    Energy: Designed to help optimize energy levels whilst working or studying. Blended with invigorating essential oils to support concentration, memory and focus and boost vitality levels. 

    Flow: Designed to help optimize momentum and encourage a sense of wellbeing. Offering a sense of flow to your day to support momentum. With essential oils blended to promote feelings of balance and harmony, whilst you achieve your goals. 

    Chill: Designed to help optimize rest and relaxation, both essential for a refreshing start to the next day. Your friend at the end of a long day. Lavender, bergamot, and cedarwood to encourage relaxation and to relieve stress.

    Check out each candle to learn more, and join our community for the latest news, product updates, and insights!