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    Our Mission at Go Candles

    November 13, 2022 2 min read

    Our Mission at Go Candles

    Let me ask you something. 

    Have you ever found yourself zoning out of Zoom meetings? Reading the same email three times over yet not remembering what it says? Getting up for another coffee before 10am? Feeling anxious with too much to do, or not enough? 

    If you’re like me and this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In 2022, nearly 20% of Americans work from home, a tripling since 2019 (I think there was a pandemic that had something to do with this…). 

    Working from home has its perks for sure - no commute to office, casual dress code (I wear the same pants almost every day - anyone else? :), and it’s sooo convenient. 

    The reality is, most people are not coming back to offices full time, so work from home is a reality that is here to stay.  

    So what can you do to feel more energetic, focus better, and relieve stress while working from home? 

    I struggled with this for nearly a year, and knew I wanted to do something about it. 

     By starting Go Candles, we want to help more people like us to work from home better and bring more chill into your daily life. That’s why we spent nearly a year working together with professional aromatherapists and candle experts to create candles that not only smell incredible, are made with 100% natural and sustainable ingredients, but also harness the power of essential oils to boost your mood any time of day. 

    It's been a long journey - over a year to get to launch - and we're just getting started. Follow us on Instagram @gocandlesco to see our whole journey - we're sharing everything from how we made the candles, working together husband and wife team, and our growth.