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    FLOW - 100% Natural Essential Oil Candle for Focus & Creativity

    Ready to defeat distractions and boost your mental clarity and creativity? FLOW by Go Candles is professionally designed to help you feel more focused and ground.Hand-crafted with a thoughtful blend of bergamot, bay laurel, geranium, and frankincense essential oils to create a  fresh, citrusy scent to fill your space with good vibes and positive energy. Get lit with FLOW anytime - we recommend it as part of your workday, when creating art or content, or while entertaining guests. 

    We’re not saying you’re going to think of a $M startup idea after smelling FLOW, but if you’re the kind of person that wants to do that, this scent may be for you. 💰😎⚡


    • Size & Burn: 3 oz candle, approximately 15 hour burn time
    • Oils: Naturally scented with 4 ML pure essential oils and natural fragrance oils 
    • Wax & Wick: Signature blend of coconut & soy wax with USA grown cotton-wick
    • Vessel: Sleek black tins - easy to travel with, keep clean, and fully recyclable 
    • 100% Natural Ingredients: NO parabens, phthalates, or chemical additives of any kind  
    • Professional Design: Aromatherapist-formulated and tested
    • Local: Hand-poured in small batches in the USA