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FLOW - 100% Natural Essential Oil Candle for Focus & Creativity

FLOW - 100% Natural Essential Oil Candle for Focus & Creativity

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Be more focused & productive with Flow by Go Candles 

The Story

Aromatherapist-formulated candle to help you feel focused and grounded. Top notes of citrusy bergamot, middle notes of bay laurel and geranium, alongside base notes of frankincense create a lively blend to increase mental clarity and boost mood.

Get lit with FLOW as part of your workday, before reading or writing, or to boost your mood at any time. Already loved by hundreds of entrepreneurs, high-performers, and designers as one of their favorite candle to use while working. 


  • 3oz candle, approximately 15 hour burn time
  • Professionally designed to help create a powerful scent with real aromatherapeutic benefits and NO negative side affects
  • Naturally scented with 4 ML pure essential oils and natural fragrance oils 
  • Vegan coconut & soy wax blend
  • Premium cotton wick
  • Delightful & Natural Scent Throw
  • Hand-poured and made in the USA
  • Go Candles - the ultimate home office candles for entrepreneurs, creators, and employees
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